Imagine John Lennon

“Lennon is a genius” sang Freddie Mercury and he should know!

Heidelberg musicians, poets, artists and activists will be paying a special tribute to John Lennon from March to June with an exhibition: “Imagine John Lennon” in the  Kurpfälzischen Museum, Heidelberg.

The exhibition’s opening is on 15.03.2017 at 19:00. It will be musically accompanied by Balsamico & Friends: Peter Saueressig, Tom Beisel, Bernhard Bentgens und Peter Antony.

The band will play songs from John Lennon  (Beatles and post-Beatles) and a piece especially written by Peter Saueressig for the exhibition, “From Mendips to the Universe.” This continues the tradition started with  “The Last Sitting”  (for Marilyn Monroe, 2006) and “Blue Angel” (for Marlene Dietrich, 2013).

Entrance is free and all are cordially invited to attend.

Information in German


John Lennon on the roof of his New York apartment, 1974. ©Bob Gruen

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