Short Circuit release their first video

I am quite proud to be involved with the newcomer band, Short Circuit. They started off in the Wiesbaden Music School four years ago where I coached and helped them get started. After a few personelle changes, they are now, Caitlin Wittmann on vocals, Vanessa Jung on guitar, Olivia Ott on bass, Camila Vega Altamore on keys and, the only male in the band, Tom Hartmann on drums. I am still officially their coach in the music school, but they have become self-sufficient and I try now to help out mostly with their original material. This is the first song I have recorded and produced for them: “Alleviate”, written by Caitlin and arranged by the band. The excellent video was made by a new young director, Anthony Jole.

They are presently working on new original material, learning the ins and outs of recording and producing, as well as becoming an ever more popular band in the Wiesbaden area, performing covers and originals. I am sure we will be hearing a lot more from them.

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