Rockchor Speyer

Last year, I played in the band backing the Rockchor Speyer. The videos have just been posted and show what a great job Joe Volker did: writing the arrangements, rehearsing the choir and band, and keeping the whole thing together on the night. Petra Erdtmann’s flute on Locomotive breath is definitely worth viewing.

We have two performances coming up in May 2017:
06.05.2017 / Stadthalle Speyer (seating)
20.05.2017 / Halle 101 Speyer (standing/dancing)

Tickets are already available

Choir master: Joe Völker

Drums – Peter Götzmann
Guitar – Gerald Sänger
Bass – Barny Hoffmann
Keyboards – Peter Antony
Flute – Petra Erdtmann

Video, Tonaufnahme und Schnitt: Jonas Kolbenschlag
Bearbeitung YouTube: Joe Völker & Markus Funk



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